Little Chelsea is an atypical 130 m2 space in Lisbon’s alternative Marvila district.
The space is available to rent for daytime or evening events: private parties, musical evenings, photo shoots, film shoots, pop-ups…
Please contact us for more information.
Thank you for your interest.

Credits: Chris Shape ft. Su Eko [Velvet Kills] Produced/Directed/Edited: Art Mistake ( Photography Ditector: Fotoplasta (Antonio Colombini) Visuals/Projections: Astronauta Mecanico Props/Costumes: Von Hel Makeup: Su Eko at Art Mistake Cast : Su Eko, Chris Shape, CÉline Couvreur, Stéphane Couvreur, Franck Daire, Vera Mashati, Lia von hel, Lumir Ardant-Levert, Olivier Weisse, Olivia Weisse, Olivera Arzenijevic, Olivier Vallancien, Miss Lucifer, Nicola Simionato. Song: Bela Lugosi’s Dead written by Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J., Kevin Haslins *(Extract from HONORIS III TRIBUTE TO BAUHAUS) – CD (Unknown Pleasures Records)

Video Clip made in may 2022 at Little Chelsea Experience

Movie Shooting in May 2023 a little chelsea experience. Directed by Patricia Sequeira, produced by Santa Rita Filmes, a film and television production company.

Artistic feelings.. tattoos & drawings

Aliens feelings, Não Bonito, Redeyetattoo